Stiehl Communications - In Building Wireless Solutions
Stiehl Communications - In Building Wireless Solutions
Stiehl Communications - In Building Wireless Solutions Stiehl Communications - In Building Wireless Solutions

In Building Wireless Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Industry Wireless SolutionsThe need for seamless, clear and reliable communication in the manufacturing industry is crucial to the efficiency of the facility. With an ever-moving work force, reliable cellular communication is a must to increase productivity and efficiencies while decreasing expenses. Stiehl Communications can provide reliable wireless solutions for all types manufacturing facilities, warehouses and other types of industrial buildings by commissioning one or all of the following:
• Cellular
• iDEN
• First-responder frequencies
• Two-way
An in-building wireless network solution from Stiehl Communications can help you generate more income and increase customer satisfaction. Business and leisure travelers alike rely on wireless voice and data services in their hotel suites, conference rooms and hotel common areas. They need to connect with family and business colleagues while traveling, so clear and reliable wireless coverage may be the biggest factor for where your guests decide to stay.

• Generate more income
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase public safety
Hospitality Industry Wireless Solutions
Real Estate
Real Estate Wireless SolutionsWith today's economy it is more important than ever to make your property look more appealing to new tenants. Businesses rely heavily on wireless tools such as PDAs, cellular phones and laptops to conduct their business. It is becoming a determining factor for when and where they decide to lease space. Whether you are in the design stages of building, or it is a pre-existing building, Stiehl Communications can show you how to get a return on your wireless investment.  

• Increase tenant satisfaction
• Increase public safety 
• Decrease vacancy rates 
• Decrease insurance rates
Stiehl Communications can work with healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals to develop and deploy a fully integrated wireless solution for WLAN, WMTS cellular/PCS and first responder frequencies.

By deploying a fiber optic system we are able to combine multiple frequencies using the same DAS - saving you the time and money of installing separate systems.
• First responder frequencies
• Cellular/PCS
Healthcare and Medical Industry Wireless Solutions
Public Safety/Emergency Responders
Public Safety and Emergency Responder Wireless SolutionsHaving a clear and reliable first responder wireless system is critical for public safety and is mandatory in certain municipalities. 

Every minute counts when there is an emergency and the first responders need reliable communication to perform their jobs while in your building. The faster the situation can be assessed the faster lives can be saved.

If this is a code in your municipality, Stiehl Communications can work with you to deliver a cost effective solution.

Stiehl Communications - In Building Wireless Solutions